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Ceramic, sanitary ware industry three big difference

- Dec 01, 2017 -

One. Whether it depends on the difference of raw materials

Ceramic is an ancient traditional industry, sanitary ware industry in our country less than 100 years of history. Traditional ceramic production areas Jingdezhen, Chaozhou, Dehua, Yuzhou (Jun porcelain), Tai Po, etc. are all relying on the spontaneous formation of local raw materials, and the formation of their own characteristics. In recent years, foreign investment, all local governments will try their best to find their own advantages, which naturally have the advantage of raw materials, which is necessary. A ceramic producing area without the advantages of raw materials, the company will be very hard. Some enterprises to invest in traditional areas, due to unrealistic preconceptions, depletion of resources, the results suffer.

Second, the product is completed and the difference between Jackie Chan

This difference from the overall point of view of the bathroom business is very clear, even from the hardware plumbing business point of view is obvious, to do the overall promotion of sanitary ceramics to do the overall brand bathroom counterparts OEM companies to produce shower room, bathroom cabinets, bathroom hardware, Smart toilet, bathroom hardware companies to upgrade the overall bathroom also have to go to peer production OEM ceramic sanitary ware, shower room, bathroom cabinets, decoction cover, smart toilet cover, etc., even if only to do hardware bathroom Brands are also often producing their own faucets, showers, but also to peers peer OEM production floor drain, angle valves, hoses, buttons and so on, in recent years this situation has improved.

Third, rely on products soar and burn the difference between the soup

Ceramic enterprises, especially ceramic tile enterprises have a large number of relying on a series of products soar, fame in one fell swoop. Crystal tile achievements Mona Lisa, the new source, golden beige achievement Dongpeng, snow white, travertine, respectively, Mona Lisa, Dongpeng climatic peak again. Ultra-clean so that the new source out of the crisis once again created the industry myth. Yuhua stone laid the leading position in Europe and the Connaught industry, antique brick Marco Polo suddenly sprung up, five space stone (Champs Elysees) makes difficult a difficult easy bid farewell to difficulties, grabbed the first pot of gold, marble makes Jane a With unlimited scenery and unbelievably bright future, the golden silk Yuma relies on crystal-polished tiles to become the new star in the industry. All in all, the ceramic tile industry, whose decorative effect is the main effect, relies too much on the variety. The book itself Jade, the book's own house of gold, ceramic tile varieties are related to the brand innovation, big business big.

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