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artificial stone bathtub

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Artificial stone bathtub

Artificial stone bathtub, originated in Italy, because of its manufacturing process is called casting cylinder or hand cylinder. Artificial stone bathtub, a bathtub, bathroom is the new darling of the industry, but also following the steam room after another bathroom luxury.

Chinese famous man-made stone bathtub kaskade baths such as natural color brilliant natural marble material transparent resin, glass beads and aluminum powder flourish trend and high-quality representatives

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1 artificial stone bathtub definition

2 production process

3 features

4 packaging methods

5 development trend

Artificial stone bathtub definition editor

Artificial stone bathtub because of its many advantages in one set, is to abandon the acrylic bathtub, ceramic cylinder and cast iron cylinder of the various emerging and the latest bathtub, is the trend and high-quality representatives. Because of its high level of technology requirements, and now the domestic mass production of artificial stone bathtub manufacturers is not too much.

Production process editor

Artificial stone bathtub is made of environmentally friendly transparent resin, glass beads and aluminum stone powder and other materials after mixing, casting, splicing, carefully polished. At the same time in the production process can be deployed in different colors, so that it has a different aesthetic appearance.

Features editor

Product appearance is simple, elegant and generous, surface finish, heat transfer coefficient, insulation performance, high strength, good toughness, resistance to compression, abrasion resistance, mildew antibacterial, high temperature, easy to stain easy to clean, non-aging , Easy to repair, the weight is only 65% of ordinary artificial stone bathtub.

Artificial stone bathtub wall thickness is generally about 2.5CM, a radius of about 2MM thin place.

Package mode edit

Artificial stone bathtub smooth surface such as porcelain, weighing about 150 kg, so be careful when packing. The first is to use thick pearl cotton to protect the cylinder along; then in the cylinder body covered with two transparent film; then followed by steel banding; and then use the carton to do the external sealing, and finally with wood stamped on the packaging, Feel free to place.

Development trend editor

The development direction of the world bathtub is to simplify and the overall development of China in the early 90s FRP bathtub is the simplest single cylinder, appeared in the middle of the acrylic and cast iron cylinder. Cast iron cylinder processing difficult, bulky, not insulation; acrylic processing convenient, lightweight, thermal insulation, so look at the global air .And acrylic molding process a lot worse in the industry in order to enhance competitiveness, the company hard to change the appearance of the product and promote the business Development, to about 2003, minimalism to the market, thus forming a branch of the bathtub, classical cylinder, modern cylinder, and now acrylic bathtub through a decade or so of development, has reached its peak, it is difficult to have a major breakthrough, and acrylic bathtub The biggest disadvantage is that more than 95% of the cylinder and skirt to be separated, thus undermining the integrity of the bathtub and the fluidity of the line, I feel not perfect. Therefore, the overall artificial stone bathtub turned out to overcome the many shortcomings of acrylic and cast iron cylinder, conform to the trend of the times and the direction of development, it will replace the acrylic and cast iron cylinder into a stylish luxury bathtub, and acrylic products will eventually be reduced to medium and low product.

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