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Artificial stone bathroom

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Artificial stone, quartz stone, cabinet counter, bathroom table, windowsill, dining table, business platform, reception desk, desk, computer desk, bar stand, artificial stone special type processing.

Artificial stone mesa is made of artificial stone. Artificial stone (also known as "artificial marble") is a new composite material. It is made of unsaturated polyester resin mixed with fillers and pigments, and participated in a small amount of initiator.

In the process of manufacturing, different colors can be made into products with bright colors and luster like jade like natural marble. Because of its non-toxic, non radioactive, flame retardant, non stick oil, no seepage pollution, anti-bacterial and abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, arbitrary shape and other advantages, is becoming the new darling of the market decoration materials.

The product features of artificial stone table: light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. Sheet thickness uniformity, good gloss, light effect, no deformation, no radiation, fire resistance, anti penetration, according to the needs of customers at bending, seamless bonding, really reach like nature itself.

Advantages of artificial stone table: advantages: artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid resistant, high temperature, impact resistance, compression, folding resistance, anti penetration and other functions are very strong. Its deformation, adhesion, turning and other parts of the disposal are unique; the color is rich, the whole molding, and can be repeated grinding and differentiation. The pollution resistant, not because the appearance of pores, oil, water stains difficult to penetrate the common stains with wet cloth or detergent to wipe; can be arbitrary length seamless bonding, with adhesive material grinding, two pieces of adhesive joints and no traces of a seamless heavenly robe.

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