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Acrylic bathtub (five pieces) installation course

- May 13, 2018 -

Before installing the bathtub, the prime minister has to check whether the bathtub is intact or not, and all kinds of spare parts are readily available.

Step one: the installation of the sprinkler. Remove and distribute the stainless steel braided hose, one end is connected with the shower, and the other end is connected with the bottom valve core of the bathtub.

Step two: cold and hot inlet pipe connection. Remove the hot and cold water pipes from the bottom of the bathtub, and connect the cold and hot water interface to the bathroom by direct water parts.

Step three: drain pipe connection. Place the other end of the drainpipe fixed on the bottom of the bathtub into the toilet drain outlet.

Step four: the cushion is adjusted. According to the floor level of the bathroom, adjust the height of the foot pad to achieve Gandhi level and smooth.

Step five: edge seal. When the bathtub is installed, it is placed on the wall and injected with glass glue on the edge of the bathtub.

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