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A good bath crock or a pottery bathtub

- May 13, 2018 -

We all know that the bathtub is a water pipe device for bathing or bathing. It is a pleasure to return home after work and take a bath in the bathtub. And now the bathtub function is becoming more and more powerful, the massage bathtub, health bathtub also began to appear, and the bathtub material is also more and more, common have acrylic bathtub and ceramic bathtub. Then, which kind of material is better for the bathtub? Is the bathtub good for acrylic or the ceramics? The bottom pan is good for you to introduce the bath crock or the ceramic bath for you.

One, acrylic bathtub introduction:

The official name of the acrylic bathtub is fiberglass reinforced plastic bathtub (acrylic is a homophonic English ACRYLIC). The surface material is methyl methacrylate, which is coated with glass fiber and reinforced with special resin. The bathtub should have uniform color and smooth surface without stratification and bubbles. The surface thickness is generally more than 3 millimeters, and is firmly combined with glass fiber without stripping.

Advantages: because the acrylic material is soft and easy to process, the bathtub has a very rich color and shape, and consumers have a larger choice. Acrylic bath heat insulation effect is higher, winter can keep warm for a long time.  It is lighter in weight and is convenient for transportation and installation. The scratches on the surface can be repaired. The cost of the acrylic bathtub is cheaper.

Disadvantages: the surface is easy to hang flowers, the bottom treatment is very important, otherwise easy to crack.

Two. The introduction of ceramic bathtub:

The ceramic bathtub is made of ceramic clay, and the appearance of glazed surface is high and the overall grade of the bathroom is improved.

Advantages: good ornamental, thick material, and durable.

Disadvantages: cumbersome, not easy to transport, for fear of bumping, slippery and slippery.

Three, the introduction of acrylic bathtub and ceramic bathtub:

Acrylic bathtub heat transfer is slow, so good insulation, contact body surface without "ice cold" feeling, compared with the ceramic bathtub, more a "warm, soft" feeling, will not touch the body. It should be noted that the bottom of the acrylic bathtub should be covered with yellow sand cement paste at the bottom of the installation, and it should not be vacated or only supported by several supporting points to avoid breakage. In use, we should prevent sharp and hard objects from bumping against rubbing. When cleaning, apply soft cloth and detergent to wipe gently. Avoid using scouring pad. Once wiping hair is found, wipe it with soft cloth and toothpaste to restore luster.


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